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Advantages of being part of a logistics network

Created on | Last updated on November 29, 2022 at 02:51 pm

If you work in the freight forwarding industry you most certainly have already asked yourself, is it really worth it to join a logistics network? As we know it is not an easy decision to make, we are going to show you the advantages of being part of a logistics network in order to help you to decide if it is truly beneficial for you

Just to recap, logistics networks are groups that gather independent freight forwarder companies from different countries in order to provide an environment to build partnerships and exchange business. 

After all, what are the benefits of being part of a logistics network?

Being a member of a logistics network can provide forwarders many advantages, however, what you need to think about is which of these benefits make sense to your freight forwarding company. Below you will see a list of a few advantages of being part of a logistics network, and while you read them mark the ones that make more sense to your forwarding needs. 

  1. Global Presence:

Most logistics networks have a broad and worldwide presence which makes it easier to make new freight forwarding partnerships, allowing forwarders to expand their business to other countries and cities. 

  1. It brings forwarders closer:

Once you are not part of a freight forwarder network, finding new forwarder partners can be challenging and take quite a while. By joining a logistics network you will have a list of freight forwarder partners available for you to consult and partner with in a matter of minutes.

  1. Qualified forwarder members:

Being a member of some logistics network is not as easy as it might seem, it requires freight forwarders to submit certain documents in order for them to be accepted in the network and be available for other forwarders to see. Of course, not all logistics networks validate their members, and some of them have their own process of selection and do not open it to their members. So, make sure to select a network that not only validates its members but also, shows them how that process works.

The main purpose of this step is to give forwarders members of the network more safety that they will be quoting only qualified and verified forwarders

  1. More business opportunities:

As mentioned earlier, one of the advantages of being part of a logistics network is to have a wide option of potential forwarders to partner with in a matter of minutes. Once you are a member of a logistics network you are able to find new freight forwarding companies in order to make new partnerships, therefore make more business. Along with that, be found by other forwarders in different countries and receive new quotations that lead to new business opportunities.

  1. Annual forwarder meetings:

Usually, the logistics networking events, or as most of them call it – the annual meetings – are events that happen annually in order for the forwarder members of the network to get to know each other, and make new business connections.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, those meetings used to happen face to face, and for a while, most of them now happen online. Gladly the physical events are starting to happen again, and we hope that soon it all comes back to normal. 

Parnity the digital freight network

Now that you are familiar with the advantages of being part of a logistics network I wanted to present to you one of the best freight forwarder networks there is in the industry – Parnity the digital logistics network.

Parnity’s network has more than 150 members in over 55 countries ready to exchange business. More than 1,500 quotations are made in a month at Parnity, and we have forwarders joining us on a monthly basis, meaning more business opportunities every month. By joining Parnity you will have all the benefits listed above, and more. 

For example, Parnity is not like the traditional logistics network, our list of forwarder partners is not in alphabetic order, at Parnity the best forwarder members rank first on the search results, thanks to our search algorithm. 

All forwarders inside Parnity have to pass through a transparent validation process in order to be found by other forwarders and gain trust to receive more quotations. The forwarder members are able to visualize all the documents forwarders uploaded to be part of Parnity’s digital freight network.

Inside Parnity forwarders can add quotation requests and answer requests made by other members, not to mention contact, and be contacted in real-time to exchange quotations in our live chat. So, the more you keep yourself online on Parntiy, the better the chances of you receiving real-time messages with new inquiries.

Forwarder members of Parnity have access to human close support that helps improve profile visibility and the searching needs. 

As for Parnity’s annual meeting – the Forwarders Online Conference – the best advantage of being part of it is that not only members are able to participate but other forwarders, which means more business opportunities

To wrap it up, Parnity’s logistics network membership fee is the cheapest in the industry, forwarders are able to become a member for only USD597,00 while the traditional logistics networks’ membership fee varies from USD1.300,00 and USD4.000,00.

If you are interested in getting to know more about Parnity and the benefits of being part of it click here

To sum up

I hope you have clarified all of the doubts you had regarding being a member of a logistics network or not. Keep in mind that you must always think about what makes more sense to your freight forwarding company’s needs. 

Another option to make the decision of being part of a logistics network is to ask your forwarder partners if they are a part of one and if they like it, you can also take that into consideration.