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3 challenges faced by freight forwarders

The logistics sector has already gone through many automation processes. A lot was improved with technology, but due to the complexity of the industry, some processes still need to be improved, and that is when we see the challenges faced by freight forwarders. Such as:

Poor partners and clients management 

One of the biggest challenges in logistics comes from its fragmentation and inconsistency, because of the many parties involved in the process. This makes it difficult to have all information in one consolidated place. 

For that kind of problem, a software that gathers the information of these different parties could be a solution, and for this, we recommend that you look for a platform that has tools that will fulfill your company’s needs.

At the end of the day, forwarders are just trying to connect with other forwarders around the world. And of course, they will try to make the best connections and partnerships out of it.

Difficulty of connection 

However, most of the time, due to the timeline this doesn’t happen very often, since this process is really demanding and it can take hours to find a good forwarder partner in the location you need with only a Google search. 

An effective CRM system that provides forwarders with detailed information can be extremely helpful in these scenarios.

Nowadays there are many options of CRM software for freight forwarders, choose one that is best suited for your company. Parnity has a CRM solution for freight forwarders companies, if you want to know more about it click here.

Analyze the processes

Having all aspects of your company’s processes controllable through software provides not only the ability to simplify and optimize work processes but also the potential for better analytical and anticipatory strategies. 

Using significant digital features, forwarders companies will not only solve problems but also prevent them. Companies that adopt this mindset and improve this kind of system will eventually stand out from those who can’t keep up.

Learn more about how to make data-informed decisions in your freight forwarder here.

How to improve the daily challenges 

Now that we have understood the challenges faced by freight forwarders, the most important step to start improving the business is to have great customer service.

Once you put good people in the right position to assist the clients in the best way possible you will for sure enhance your business.

  • Customer Sucess (CS)

Focusing on guaranteeing high customer performance is the main objective of CS and this is only possible when the company establishes strategies to interact with their client’s needs.

“Customer Success is when your customers achieve their Desired Outcome through their interactions with your company.” Lincoln Murphy

In freight forwarding, Customer Success is as important as any other market, by making sure that your client is being well attended it could generate more business. After all, a successful customer means a successful company.

In order to continue making your forwarder more successful technology should be the second most important step, this way you will be able to save time, money, besides optimizing the workflow. 

  • Startup mindset

Adopting a startup mindset to implement technological solutions is a great way to start improving your forwarder. Combining the startup’s agility with the structure of bigger organizations provides the innovation that a company needs to be more efficient. 

To have a startup mindset is to be open to changes, innovation, and challenges. Once you have analyzed the main needs for improvements in your company you have to think about the options and what will be best suited for you.

Is it starting your own software? Or is it hiring a platform? 

After you’ve made your decision is time to work with the startup mindset. Start the innovation strategy, let your employees know what is about the improvements so that everyone is on the same page, align goals and ideas with the team, and consult with every department what are their suggestions for improvement. 

Having the startup mindset and being open to new ideas and new points of view will definitely help you grow your business.

In case you want to have more perspective about those topics watch our conversation with Afonso de Los Rios from nowports below.