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Everything you need to know about Parnity

Many people still don’t understand what Parnity is and how it can be helpful for a freight forwarder company. In order to solve the main doubts forwarders have about Parnity we decided to create this blog post to guide you on everything you need to know! 

After all, what is Parnity?

Parnity is a collaborative platform designed for freight forwarder companies to manage current and future forwarder partners, find new reliable ones, be found by forwarders worldwide, and analyze partnership’s quality. 

It’s important to understand that Parnity is not a network, we are a new concept!

Parnity’s main goal is to solve the problems that the freight forwarder industry faces in finding trustworthy forwarders to work with, partnership management, and analyzing partnership’s quality.

For that reason, we developed:

  • Trust Scan, a space in each forwarder profile available for you to check important information to help you with your decisions;
  • MyNetwork, our CRM tool for you to manage your forwarder partners;
  • Partnership Analytics for you to analyze the quality of your partnerships.

We will tell you more about these features below!

Because we want to make the freight forwarder industry more efficient we are always developing new solutions to help improve and optimize the forwarder’s companies’ process. 

Who is behind Parnity?

Along with our development tools, Parnity’s team is still growing, for now, our incredible team is formed by:

Each and everyone in our team is responsible for Parnity’s success! 

Our main goal is to disrupt the forwarders partnering market and help freight forwarders to create easier and better partnerships with other forwarders.

Tools you can find in Parnity 

  • Find new partners (Limited FREE): 

This feature allows you to find and be found by over 13.000 forwarders worldwide. With the Find Forwarder tool, you are able to search forwarders by country and city, and filter the results by the services you wish to find.

All forwarders in Parnity are pre-validated by our exclusive Artificial Intelligence before entering.

  • MyNetwork, manage partnering tool (Limited FREE):

Organize your forwarder partners on a tool only available to your company, and let your team quote only who you want to consider in a faster and easier way.

With MyNetwork you can visualize your partners in one place listed by country. You can also rank them by your own criteria to help you make faster decisions.

  • Partnership Analytics, data-analysis tool (Paid tool):

Analyze the quality of your partnerships, make sure you are receiving as much as you are giving to your partners. Know the profit you get from each of your partners. 

  • Relate tool, communication feature (Limited FREE)

After finding qualified partners to partner with you can email them through Parnity.

  • Trust Scan, quality analysis tool (Limited FREE)

Trust Scan will help you make better decisions when choosing a forwarder to partner with by informing you of the forwarder’s logistics certifications (IATA, AEO, FDRS, and D-U-N-S Number) and its Parnity usage. To know more about it click here.

This is just the beginning, we are developing tools and a platform as a whole that will touch all the problems the freight forwarding companies have today when partnering with other forwarders.

Parnity’s Subscription Plans

When we first launched Parnity the platform was entirely for free and it was a great fit for the forwarder industry to try a new platform without any obstacles. But at some point, we would have to start charging for it, and deciding how to do it was a big challenge.

At first, we thought of launching some paid features, but in the end, we decided to create Subscription Plans that give our users the power to choose the experience they want to have in Parnity.

Thais Faria, our Head of Product spoke more about our experience in this article, check it out!

Now, Parnity has 3 different Subscription Plans:

  • Basic: This plan is focused on small teams that do not have a big amount of quotations per month.
  • Standard: This plan is for larger teams that need to make a bigger amount of quotations and improve their business by organizing the list of partners
  • Premium: This plan is for bigger teams that wants to improve their partner’s business generation by finding, managing, and analyzing their forwarder partnerships.

To know more about our plans click here.

In case you want an overview of our platform and know how you can use it at its best, watch our 12-minute tour below.

What is the difference between a Logistics Network and Parnity?

A logistics network works like an exclusive group that a freight forwarder company pays to have access to a few partners in certain regions across the globe. The costs to enter a network are usually $1500 and $4500 per year.

Before a forwarder company joins a network they analyze the forwarder to ensure that this forwarder is trustworthy. After your freight forwarder is approved to the network your company’s information is shared with the other forwarders in the network database. 

Parnity has a concept totally different from a network, we are a collaborative platform for freight forwarders worldwide, there are no restrictions on how many countries can enter Parnity, so you will be able to find a bigger number of contacts to quote, when needed. You will also be able to analyze each company’s background through logistics certifiers such as IATA, DUNS number, FDRS and AEO – this way we bring the power of analyzing the quality of your partner, to your own freight forwarder. 

In our platform, you will also be able to manage your current partners (Like a CRM for partners, so we call it a partnership relationship manager – PRM) and analyze your partnership’s quality – which is key when building better partnerships. 

Parnity is always bringing the power of choosing, managing, and analyzing the forwarder partners to YOUR freight forwarder. We do not believe you should use a third-party when choosing the freight forwarder your company will trust the client’s cargo with, right?