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Everything you need to know about Parnity

Created on | Last updated on June 2, 2022 at 11:59 am

Parnity is a digital logistics network updated to today’s freight forwarding industry needs. Our digital network has over 4,000 basic users, that chose to use our FREE plan to find other forwarders who are our premium members – over 1,200 forwarders that chose our complete plan with more benefits to improve their forwarding business.

Our main goal is to solve the problems the forwarding industry faces in finding new forwarders to work with through technology and our transparent validation process. That is why we offer exclusive benefits, to improve and optimize the everyday work routine of forwarding companies which consequently contribute to more efficiency in the forwarder industry. That is why we offer so many benefits to our members…

Benefits you will find in Parnity:

  • Find new partners worldwide: 

Basic and premium users can find over 1,200 forwarders in over 154 countries in just 5 seconds, 60% less time when compared to other logistics networks, and forwarder directories. This will ensure that you can find a forwarder’s profile with complete information to partner with and quote faster anywhere in the world.

  • Transparent validation process:

All forwarders on Parnity have gone through our transparent validation system to ensure that you only quote validated freight forwarders. This means that every forwarder you find on Parnity has gone through a process in which we verify the information submitted by the forwarder when creating their company profile. 

All verified information is displayed on the validated company profile, giving total transparency to those evaluating a partnership.

During the process, we ask for: 

– Company website

– Office pictures

– Incorporation documents

– 3 positive feedback from forwarders that they have already had previous experience working with.

– Logistics market certifications

Once the company has gone through our validation screening, they become eligible to be a premium user and after being approved, we add that information into the company profile so that other forwarders can view them if they wish.

  • Appear on the search results and be the first forwarder in your country:

Parnity’s forwarder members are eligible to receive quotes generated by the over 3,500 searches made per month inside the network. Besides that, we use artificial intelligence in a search algorithm that organizes search results by the probability of being a high-quality agent, this means that your forwarder can appear at the top of the searches and receive more shipments if you keep your profile as complete as possible, be active on Parnity and work on your Trust Scan.

That’s because, the more information available, the more secure about your company other forwarders will be, and also more relevant to our Search Algorithm you become. The same goes for how active you are in Parnity, by being active our search algorithm will make you more well-positioned than an agent that is inactive in the platform. Trust Scan is another important factor since through it you have the chance to show the other companies the documentation your company has to make your potential partner’s choice faster, easier and better. Click here to learn more about Trust Scan.

Parnity’s search algorithm also helps you find companies that are aligned with your needs. Therefore, you can filter your search by service, modal, or city to save time when looking for a new forwarder partner.

  • Real-time chat to build new partnerships:

Parnity’s latest improvement was to build an online chat, similar to what you see on LinkedIn so that forwarders can send and receive messages with quotations in real-time and build new partnerships faster than the usual ways.

  • Key account to improve results:

Despite being digital, at Parnity we believe that nothing replaces someone on the other side to assist you with whatever you need to make better partnerships. That’s why we have a key account that will help you improve your profile as well as your visibility in the network.

The benefits don’t stop there, we also offer an add-on feature…

  • Forwarders management system (add-on feature)*:

The exclusive solution developed by Parnity allows you to organize your forwarder partners on a tool only available to your company, and let your team quote only who you want to consider.

Using Parnity’s freight management system you can also visualize your worldwide partners’ map to understand in which places there are partnership opportunities to be developed and where you are good to go. Likewise, you can organize your current freight partners through a board by country, modal, service, quality, or… whatever you want (really!). By organizing your partners through categories your pricing team, for example, can facilitate the quotation process, this way you would already know which services your forwarder partner offers and how he can help you.

Additionally, the tool allows you to analyze the quality of your partnerships, this way you can be sure that you are receiving as much as you are giving to your partners and how profitable each of your partners is.

*The management tool for freight forwarders can be purchased by basic and premium members for an additional fee of $576/year

How to join Parnity?

The main prerequisite for being part of Parnity is that the company must be an independent freight forwarder.

So, if you are a freight forwarder and want to be part of Parnity, the first step is to visit our website and sign up for FREE. Once you have done this, you can decide whether to remain a free member or upgrade to Premium membership.

If you decide to use Parnity for free, after signing up you can start doing your searches as usual. However, if you decide to become a Premium member, it is necessary that you create your company profile and submit the necessary documents for the transparent validation process. 

After sending them, just wait for the submitted files to be checked. Once the process is complete and you complete your membership payment, you become a Premium member of Parnity listed in searches and can enjoy all the benefits.

What is the difference between Basic e Premium members?

  • Basic members can do as many searches and send as many direct messages as they want inside Parnity. However, they can only check the email of 10 contacts per month, in case they want to contact them directly.

Furthermore, free members do not appear in the searches – which means that other forwarders won’t be able to find their company’s profile in Parnity and you will not receive business opportunities. Along with that, free users can’t be contacted in real-time on the chat.

  • Premium members on the other hand are listed in the search and consequently can receive shipments from other freight forwarders. They are able to do unlimited searches and send direct messages as well as check the email address of as many contacts as they want – following the anti-spam rules – to directly contact them. Not to mention that premium members can contact and be contacted by forwarders in real-time at any time.

They also have access to human close support and receive guided onboarding to learn how to make the most out of Parnity.

Now that you know Parnity, you must be wondering what are the distinctions between it and a typical logistics network.

What are the differentials that Parnity brings when compared to a traditional logistics network?

The main points that make Parnity distinct from the other logistics networks are its technological concept, specially developed to make the forwarders’ routine faster and more efficient, the possibility to use some of its benefits for FREE, and the ease of use.

In addition, Parnity offers its members the possibility to view the validated documents of other agents to give the members the power to make their own choices, based on their own criteria, and, although it is a digital logistics network, it also offers human close support. The global coverage includes validated agents worldwide allowing forwarders to increase their business through shipments and quotations from the more than 4.000 forwarders listed on Parnity.

Not to mention that Parnity members have access to all these benefits for the best membership price in the industry, which means that they can use all the tools to increase their forwarding business for much less than most traditional logistics networks offer.

Along with that, different from other networks Parnity has more than 100 forwarders entering the network every month, which means more business opportunities for our members. And the possibility to talk and be contacted in real-time by forwarders in more than 154 countries and build new partnerships faster than ever.

Parnity is always bringing the power of choosing, managing, and analyzing the forwarder partners to YOUR freight forwarder. So what are you waiting for to enjoy all these benefits? Click here and start improving your freight forwarding business through Parnity, the digital logistics network.