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The evolution of technology in logistics industry

Implementing technology innovations is creating a big movement among industries, especially in the logistics sector. But, is every logistics and forwarder agent adapting to these changes? And do all logistics and freight forwarder agents see the evolution of technology as a real improvement to its company?

Those were the topics of our conversation with Sarah Barnes-Humphrey from ShipZ, at our Forwarders Online Conference. 

The evolution of technology in logistics

As we know, working in the logistics industry involves a lot of heavy work, and technology is a great ally to help improve and optimize the job. 

For the past five years, technology has evolved in areas like artificial intelligence, automation, and database analysis, to name a few. Click here to know 3 trends for the logistics industry in 2021.

With all this evolution, some logistics companies held on to it and started to grow and improve their business. 

Sarah gave us a really good insight about the evolution of technology in logistics adapting to the industry:

“The last five years has really driven innovation in this space, and I think it’s a mixture of people looking to make things more efficient and less manual and also the driven force from our generation and below saying that there is a better way of doing the work, we can’t do it traditionally anymore”. 

But the number of people that are really engaged in the forwarder and logistic industry evolution is still low compared to what technology has to offer.

And that was the main point of our conversation with Sarah, there are some tools offered by technology that shouldn’t be a matter of question in a logistics company, as in having a good website, which is the first contact that any company will have with yours. 

That is why Sarah’s insight was so important and rich to us, we are living the evolution of technology in logistics and forwarding business and we have to adjust, otherwise, we are not going to have a future.  

The gains you have while using technology in your forwarder

Other than that, there are other ways technology can help logistics and forwarder businesses to be more efficient, according to Fundação Getúlio Vargas, at each 1% a company increases in its technology investments, the profit of the company in a period of two years increases by 7%. You wouldn’t want to miss out on that, right?

Besides being able to increase the profit of your freight forwarder company, with technology the job can get faster, easier, and optimized, which automatically leads to an increase in the business. 

So we concluded that nowadays it is not a matter of “do I want to use technology in my forwarder company?” but “I have to use technology in my freight forwarder company”.

Technology shouldn’t be an enemy, with technology you can save time and money, which means more profit and less work without losing the traditional side, but complementing it. It’s time to make more connections with potential clients in a faster way and technology is the perfect fit for it.

Check out the video below if you want to see the complete conversation we had with Sarah Barnes-Humphrey and her point of view for the future of the logistics market.