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The importance of having a complete forwarder profile

Created on | Last updated on May 13, 2022 at 02:35 pm

Finding qualified partners that align with your business needs is still one of the biggest challenges faced by freight forwarders. And it is exactly at this stage that we can understand the importance of having a complete forwarder profile.

This is because, just like you, the other forwarders in the market, also have their criteria for choosing new freight partners. However, although each freight company has its own specificities, there are some common criteria that all freight forwarders observe (or should observe) before establishing a partnership.

What do forwarders look for when searching for a freight partner?

Working in an industry that deals with companies from all over the world and that are constantly innovating and expanding brings daily challenges. Finding qualified partners to work with that align with your business needs can be complicated, right?

Certainly, as a freight forwarder, even though you know that every country and every city has its particularities when you analyze a potential forwarding partner, you probably look at certain criteria. And likewise, the other freight forwarders in the market also have some key features to be considered when choosing a freight forwarder.

Here are some common criteria that freight forwarders look at when searching for a potential partner:

  1. if offers the services they are looking for;
  2. if operates in the region desired;
  3. if has experience working with that service/in that region;
  4. if is recommended by previous freight forwarder partners (to know more about freight forwarder recommendation – click here);
  5. if has a clean background;
  6. what logistics certifications it has;
  7. if it is listed or not on FDRS;
  8. where is the office located;

Now that you know the criteria, you are probably wondering how you are going to show a freight forwarder that you might be the partner he is looking for. So, bear with me because I’m going to tell you how.

After all, what is the importance of having a complete forwarder profile?

I know I already gave a spoiler but follow along with me, what are the best ways to present your freight forwarder and thus attract new partners and customers? If you thought about your forwarder’s website and your profile in the logistics network you are part of… you are CORRECT and I will tell you why!

Website: Your forwarding website should be one of your main focuses in the digital environment. This is because, besides being one of the ways another freight forwarder can have the first contact with your company, it is also a space dedicated exclusively to your forwarder in which you can add as much information as you find necessary and customize it as you wish. 

However, it should contain some basic information to meet the criteria we mentioned in the previous topic. So remember to add a brief company presentation, the services you offer, which regions you have experience in, key company contacts, and the logistics certifications you have.

Keep in mind that your website must communicate a clear message to your potential partner, so make sure they can easily find everything they need.

Logistics network profile: As well as your website, potential partners can also find your forwarder’s profile within the logistics network you are part of. That is why it is so important to have a complete profile.

For example, in Parnity – the digital logistics network, freight forwarders can not only add to their profile the basic information and description about their company but also list all the branch offices they have (at no extra cost).

Besides that, they can also add what services their company offers and all the company’s key contacts from all locations (headquarters and branch offices). Either email address, phone number, Skype, or LinkedIn, Parnity members can add all of them.

And there is more, you can attach to your profile your company’s presentation and any other relevant presentations that you would like other forwarders to see. You can also share photos and videos of your team, the freight you have handled, or even advertisements.

Last but not least, through Trust Scan you can submit your certifications to be validated and added to your profile. This is also where your validated documents will be exhibited after you are approved to become a Premium member.

Not to mention that in Parnity the forwarders are listed by a search algorithm that organizes the results by the probability of being a qualified agent, instead of alphabetically unlike the traditional logistics networks. This means that your forwarder can become more relevant to our search algorithm and appear at the top of searches if you keep your profile complete, for example.

Another exclusive benefit that Parnity offers its Premium members is the opportunity to see who has viewed their profile – since they are listed in the search results. This is a great opportunity to generate new business because by using this information, freight forwarders can identify new potential leads and also know which forwarders are looking for partners in their country.

It’s time to step into the spotlight

Understanding the importance of having a complete forwarder profile is crucial for you to attract new potential partners that align with your company’s needs at that moment and, more than that, it can bring your company into the spotlight.

Remember that the more information you provide, the more confident other freight forwarders will be about your company and the easier it will be for them to get in touch with you.