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Validation process in logistics networks

Created on | Last updated on December 6, 2022 at 11:14 am

Freight forwarders have always struggled to find qualified forwarder partners to work with, and for that reason, many freight companies choose to participate in networks due to the validation process forwarders have to pass to be a part of it. The validation process in logistics networks gives the freight forwarders more safety to partner with new forwarders, which is one of the advantages of being part of a logistics network.

Challenges of finding a forwarder partner

Looking for new freight forwarding partnerships is not an easy task, it can take hours of your day and you can still find unqualified options to work with. 

Along the way, you can find outdated websites, companies that are no longer active in the industry, and invalid contact information, to mention a few. 

From resorting to Google search, logistics directories, and logistics networks, the freight forwarding networks are one of the best options to find qualified forwarder partners to work with due to the process forwarders have to pass to be accepted, as mentioned earlier.

Going even further, Parnity’s digital logistics network is one of the best networks in the industry to help you in the process of finding qualified forwarder partners to work with. That is because at Parnity all forwarders open for quotations passed through the validation process, the best part is that any forwarder is able to check the documents the members have submitted to be a user of the network. So you can make the choice and see if that forwarder partner is actually qualified for your needs. To know more about it click here.

Transparency in logistics – how does it help

When it comes to closing a shipment with a freight forwarder and establishing a new partnership, transparency must be the key factor in the relationship. Without an honest relationship with your partners the chances of something going wrong during the operation increase.

So, once you establish a new partnership with a freight forwarder make sure you let your partner know everything about your company and how you operate, and the other way around. Here are a few things you should let your partners know and that you should know about them:

  • the logistics certifications – they show more reliability;
  • if it is listed or not on FDRS; 
  • where is the office located;
  • the services offered;
  • payment method; 
  • possible difficulties;
  • rules and regulations of the shipping area;
  • agreement related to profit-share policy;
  • guide line for operations;
  • etc.

Once you have that all cleared up with your forwarder partner you will be good to go, make sure you take all the doubts you have and that the process is as transparent as possible to make you comfortable and confident with your choice. Transparency is a win-win, for you and for your forwarder partners, it will only help both sides to run a smooth operation and to avoid problems.

The validation process in logistics networks

As mentioned before, many forwarders prefer to be part of a logistics network to make the process of choosing a freight forwarder partner easier. 

However, what many forwarding companies don’t take into account is that the analysis the logistics networks do to let a forwarder in is not always the one that is going to indicate that a forwarder is the right choice for you. 

For that reason, the best option is always to make your own freight forwarder analysis and make your decision based on what you think is best for your company’s needs. 

Ok, but you might be wondering how will I do that with no help from the logistics networks? Well, you actually CAN choose your next forwarder partners with help from a logistics network that offers you all the data you need and gives you the power of the decision. 

Meet Parnity – the digital logistics network – Parnity’s difference from the traditional logistics network is that all forwarders members of the network must pass through a transparent validation process

That means that all of the documents asked for the forwarder to join Parnity are available for all forwarder members to see and make their own decisions. 

Parnity shortens your work by giving you over 150 options of forwarder partners in over 55 countries validated and ready to make new business. 

Parnity’s goal with the transparent validation process is to give you the power of deciding which partner to choose based on verified criteria in order to make your decision more assertive. 

It’s time to get to work

Being transparent in your freight forwarding partnerships will only bring benefits to both you and your partners and the logistics networks can be an easier path to help you choose qualified forwarder partners. However, it’s important to bear in mind that you must always take into consideration the needs and goals of your company before establishing a partnership.