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8 ways Parnity can help you increase your business generation

Created on | Last updated on July 19, 2022 at 06:27 pm

Parnity is a digital logistics network, developed to be the evolution of traditional networks in the industry. Not just a simple list of freight forwarders, but a technological system that allows companies to find the best freight forwarders worldwide to handle their shipments more efficiently and be found by premium and basic users that make over 3,500 searches per month.

Our goal is to solve the main challenges faced by freight forwarders. Through technology and our transparent validation process, we offer unique benefits to optimize the day-to-day activities of forwarders and increase their business generation.

8 ways Parnity can help you to increase your business generation

Being part of a logistics network can bring many benefits to your company, especially when it comes to generating business. Check the list below to learn the unique ways that Parnity can help you in this regard.

  1. Develop new forwarder partners worldwide to expand your commercial lines

As you know, there are many ways to search for forwarders to expand business partnerships, such as using Google, freight forwarder directories, and logistics networks. However, it can be time-consuming because, in addition to understanding whether they will align with your business needs, you also need to analyze whether that agent is qualified for the service or not.

Fortunately, with the advances in logistics technology, you can find qualified partners in just a few clicks on Parnity. You can search by company name, city, or country in which you want to find a freight forwarder. Besides that, we have search filters that allow you to sort the results by services, logistics certifications, branch, or head office, for example. Therefore, you not only make the process of finding a freight partner faster but also more assertive.

Furthermore, in Parnity the forwarders are listed by a search algorithm that organizes the results by the probability of being a qualified agent, rather than alphabetically, like in traditional logistic networks.

Not to mention the Business Hub, where forwarders can add their quotation requests for other agents in the network to send their proposal, and the other way around. Members of Parnity can also have access to our real-time chat where they can send messages to other forwarders to exchange business.

  1. Receive inquiries from other agents and be nominated to their shipments 

Because Parnity’s focus is on business generation, our Premium members can be found by over 4,000 freight forwarders in more than 154 countries to partner with. Not to mention, we have over 100 new forwarding companies registering on Parnity every day, which means more and more business opportunities are coming your way.

This is a huge benefit for our Premium members because, since they are listed in the search results, such visibility allows them to receive shipments from other freight forwarders. Parnity’s Premium members are eligible to receive accesses and quotes generated by the over 3,500 searches made per month in Parnity. 

Within the Business Hub, Parnity’s premium members can receive all the requests for their country 5 hours earlier than our basic users, thus they have more chances of closing a new partnership.

Being part of Parnity’s digital logistics network makes it even easier to make new freight forwarding partnerships and expand your business to other countries and cities.

  1. Show the community that you are a qualified freight forwarder for them to work with and get even more businesses

Everything happens at such a rapid pace in the freight forwarding industry and finding a qualified freight forwarding partner to work with needs to keep up with this pace, otherwise, you could end up missing out on business opportunities. 

One of Parnity’s main concerns is to ensure that its members will find qualified partners in its database. This means that your forwarder can appear at the top of searches and receive more shipments if you keep your profile complete and work on your Trust Scan, for example. The more information available, the more confident other forwarders will be about your company and also the more relevant to our search algorithm you will become. Likewise, through Trust Scan you have the chance to show other companies the logistics certifications your company has and thus make the choice of a potential partner faster, easier and better.

  1. Get visibility for your branch offices and receive business opportunities in all locations you provide service 

Unlike traditional logistics networks, at Parnity you have the opportunity to register your offices at no additional cost. That’s right, in the same membership, our members can list their branches and specify which team members are responsible for receiving the inquiries in each one.

  1. Find out the companies that may be interested in working with you so you can develop more sales leads and understand possible market trends

Parnity is always looking to improve its platform to serve its members even better. For this reason, one of our latest upgrades was to give our Premium members the opportunity to see who has viewed their profile – since they are listed in the search results.

This is a great opportunity to generate new business because, with the information of who viewed your company’s profile, you can identify a possible partner and also know which forwarders are looking for partners in your country. In the “who viewed your profile” tab, you can also monitor the messages that were sent to your company and the actions that each company performed on your profile, such as if they copied an e-mail address.

  1. Have an efficient work team environment

When working with partners from all over the world, it is common to have an extensive exchange of information with each of them, as well as different processes involved. With such a large flow of information, it is important that all members of your team are aware of the processes used in your partnerships to avoid potential problems and miscommunication.

Parnity allows you to add key members of the departments involved in the partnering process such as pricing,  management, trade lane developer, or network coordinator, for example, to your company account so that they are always aligned on these processes and also have access to all the information.

Remember, having your team on the same page can increase your productivity and optimize business generation.

  1. Optimize your quotation process by managing your forwarder partners’ information

If you want to optimize your quoting process, monitoring your current and potential partners is the first step to getting started. However, we know that managing your freight partnerships can be challenging, especially since some forwarders use spreadsheets to keep track of all their partners and some have no control at all.

With this in mind, we have developed a unique solution to solve partnership management problems. Parnity’s freight management software – MyPartners* – is an additional feature designed to offer freight forwarders the possibility to manage their own global partner network and centralize the information of all their freight partners in one place. 

Through Parnity’s management system, you can register all information about each partner in a simple and consolidated way. In addition, you can create a ranking of partners per country, based on your own criteria, and share it, in a totally secure way, with your team only.

*Basic and premium users can purchase the freight forwarder management tool for an additional cost of US$576 per year.

  1. Learn which are your win-win partners and which partnerships can be improved

One way to improve your forwarder business is to analyze your current partnerships to find out if you are making a profitable freight forwarder partnership. However, the vast majority of forwarding companies face at some point, the difficulty of not knowing how to use data analytics in freight forwarding.

And that’s another problem that Parnity can help you solve. Parnity’s analytics tool – Partnership Analytics – is a feature available through MyPartners that allows your company to analyze the quality of your partnerships and know if you are making win-win partnerships.

Partnership Analytics is a business intelligence tool, which you can use to view the volume of cargo sent to your partner and the volume received the amount of business you have exchanged per month, and the profit generated with that partner. In addition, you can know which criteria (modal/city/specialization) you have exchanged more business to understand in which ones you have moved more cargo and which should be improved.

As discussed in the topics above, Parnity can help you improve your freight forwarder’s business generation in many ways. But if you have come this far and are still in doubt, let me show you some other advantages of becoming a Parnity member.

Why should I become a member of Parnity’s logistics network?

One of the main differentials of Parnity is the possibility of enjoying some of its benefits for FREE. Our basic users can do as many searches and send direct messages as they want, but they can only check the email of 10 contacts per month if they want to contact them directly.

So even though they can find a profile of a forwarder with complete information they benefit from Parnity’s platform in a more limited way, when compared to our Premium members.

Premium members, on the other hand, enjoy the experience of being part of Parnity’s digital logistics network in its entirety. They can make unlimited searches and send direct messages, as well as check the e-mail address of as many contacts as they want – following the anti-spam rules – in order to contact them directly. In addition, they can also list their branches under the same membership, which means no additional costs.

Unlike basic users, Premium members are listed in the search results and can receive shipments from other freight forwarders, consequently increasing their business generation even more. As they are listed in the search, they also have access to information about which other forwarders have viewed their company profile.

They also have access to close human support and receive guided onboarding to learn how to get the most out of Parnity. Best of all, our logistics network is the most affordable when compared to other networks in the market, our Premium plan membership fee is only US$597 per year.

It is worth mentioning that because they offer different benefits and experiences, using our free plan as a form of Parnity’s free trial will not tell you whether or not you should purchase a Premium membership. If you are having this doubt, it is recommended that you contact our team so that we can help you in the best possible way.

Start improving your business generation now

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