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Freight forwarder branch office on your logistics network

Created on | Last updated on May 31, 2022 at 06:56 pm

Often, a freight forwarder branch office is not added to the logistics network profile that the agent is part of because some companies think it’s best to bring only their headquarters into the network.

While financially this may seem like a good decision, due to the extra cost the traditional logistics networks charge, branch offices are a very important part of a freight forwarding company and that’s why you can include them in your Parnity profile. 

Understand how branches organization works inside Parnity

Because Parnity’s focus is on business generation, in addition to all the benefits we offer our members, such as being found by more than 4,000 freight forwarders in over 154 countries to partner with, since they are listed in the search results. Parnity’s Premium members can also increase their visibility within the network even further by adding their branch offices to their freight forwarder profile.

Being part of Parnity’s digital logistics network makes it even easier to make new forwarding partnerships and expand your business to other countries and cities. This is a great benefit for our Premium members because, unlike traditional logistics networks, on Parnity you have the opportunity to register your branch offices at no additional cost. 

In the same membership, our members can list ALL their branches and specify which team members are responsible for receiving inquiries in each one. This means you can increase the visibility of your forwarder by adding the address of your branches and key contacts to have them visible and available to receive inquiries as well.

If you are a Parnity member and haven’t added your forwarder’s branches to your profile yet, don’t waste any time…

Inside the Company Profile, click on “Edit MyCompany” on the “Home” page and check the complete information of your company, including the registered branches. If you do not have any branches registered yet, click on “+ Add branch”.

Remember to add all your branches to ensure that your company is in the results for all the locations where you can provide services.

Be sure to also add the contacts that are responsible for that branch so that other forwarders on Parnity can easily find who they should contact if they are interested in freight partnering. To add your contact information to a branch or head office, you have to go inside your contact, and in the field “Contact Location”, you add the registered offices that you answer to.

However, if you want to add to your company the contact information of co-workers that answer to a specific branch, you must go inside the contact, and in the field “Contact Location” add the registered branches that they answer to. To learn more about how to do this, click here.

Besides, when you are searching for freight forwarders on Parnity, to understand if the company you are viewing in the search is a Head Office or Branch, just check below the company name or use the filter to access only the head office, just the branches, or both.

Benefits of including your freight forwarder’s branch offices in your profile

The freight forwarder branch office represents a more agile business structure that a forwarder can have at their disposal when dealing with international freight partners. This is because they allow many of the partner or customer-specific administrative considerations to be conducted closer to them. 

At Parnity, we know that adding your freight forwarder branch office to your profile brings a lot of benefits, which is why we allow our members the opportunity to register their branch offices at no additional cost. 

Letting other freight forwarders know that you have offices in other locations can show them that you are prepared to serve and be more informed about the needs of that specific location, launching location-specific services, or adjusting staff.

So, by bringing your branches to Parnity – digital logistics network, you will show potential freight partners that you have a wide geographic service coverage and, therefore, will be able to further increase your business generation.

But that’s not all, registering a freight forwarder branch office to your profile can also:

  • Increase your freight forwarder’s sales;
  • Improve your visibility in the logistics network;
  • Optimize responsiveness;
  • Improve efficiency;
  • Increase business opportunities.

Don’t leave your branch office out!

As said in the article above, branch offices are a very important part of a freight forwarding company, that’s why you can see them inside Parnity and understand which offices are headquarters and which are branch offices. 

Unlike other networks, Parnity does not charge extra fees for each office you own. This means that you can add the address of your branch offices and their main contacts without paying extra for it!

Join Parnity NOW and increase your business generation even more through your freight forwarder branch office.